HOPE for Homeowners Counseling

Call the Homeowner’s HOPE Hotline — 888-995-HOPE — for hope for homeowners counseling or go online to their website at the Home Ownership Preservation Foundation.

They will provide hope and free homeowner’s counseling regarding your options before you proceed with:

  • a loan remodification
  • a short sale
  • a deed in lieu
  • a foreclosure

Call them especially if you should decide to stay in your home.

I worked with HOPE personally as part of the final mandatory step in my loan remodification process. I almost forgot to call them. My counselor answered the call immediately and was very professional in going over my financial situation.

I had no idea that these services existed.

I only discovered the HOPE Hotline at the very end of my loan remodification process (which had begun when I was contacted by my mortgage insurer). I actually had already made three trial payments when I decided to reread the paperwork that my mortgage lender had sent me. In that paperwork was a requirement to work with a credit counselor. I panicked because I had very little time left to make the phone call.

When I had realized that I needed to call a credit counselor, I decided to call Tom Simpson, at Consumer Credit Counseling Services in midtown Tulsa (a local United Way agency), whom I had used as a counselor to get out of debt in the late ’80s. Since Tom was on some kind of leave and I was in a bind to get the credit counseling requirement out of the way, I spoke to a different counselor and they actually recommended that I call the HOPE Hotline — especially since it was free.

I then made the phone call. The counselor answered almost immediately. It was a wonderful, cordial, friendly, and non-intimidating experience.

Of course, I now recommend calling them right away.

I recommend calling at the outset, from the “git go” of your financial problems, when you first realize that you may have problems making your mortgage payments.

Call them first. Go over your options. for hope for homeowners counseling or go online to their website at the Home Ownership Preservation Foundation.

If they recommend trying to do a short sale, then call me, Debbie Solano, at 918-724-8201 and arrange an appointment.

I’ll be happy to sit down with you at my office in midtown Tulsa and also to tour your home to determine if you and your home fit my guidelines for doing a successful short sale.

I may tell you I cannot help you. At that point we will explore other options. If you and your home are eligible, I’ll work hard to sell your home quickly to help you avoid foreclosure.