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It’s Turtle Nesting Season in Cancun. The beach will be dark. When you come home from a night on the town, go outside and look up at the stars from the balcony and then scan the beach and see if you can see any little groups of people. This will be at about 11:30 pm. That means a turtle has come up out of the ocean to lay her eggs. You can then go out on the beach and watch, but don’t take pictures. The whole event takes about two hours. The beach guards are trained to retrieve the eggs and move them to the turtle nursery. Look for the nursery along the wall at the south end of the beach in front of the “A” building.

Click here to see a photo of the hotel on the official reservations website for the Royal Sands Resort & Spa.
Click here to see a photo of the hotel from the air on the Trip Advisor Review page.
Click here for photos and information about the Royal Resorts.

Here is a tour of the best villa in Cancun — beachfront penthouse Villa 5725 in the “I” Building at the Royal Sands Resort and Spa— for rent in 2017 during Week 22 (June 3 to June 10). I am renting it directly so that you would go as my guest instead of me. The staff will treat you as an owner. If you are interested, please call me at 918-724-8201.

If you rent this villa from me, you will not have to go all-inclusive unless you want to opt-in for at least three days and pay additional fees. You can add all-inclusive dining, spa, and golf packages. I’ve never done any of the all-inclusive packages, and so I have no opinion. We usually cook in our villa or eat at whatever restaurant we feel like going to. It is so easy to get anywhere in Cancun from this hotel. We usually don’t rent a car unless we plan on taking day trips that are not part of tours.

The first thing you do is find out who your concierge is and pick his brain. Get buddy buddy with him because he knows everything you need to know for survival and fun. He is your ticket. Also, attend the member’s meeting on Sunday morning. It is information and won’t be a sales meeting. It is important to know where to go and where not to go, what’s new, what’s in, and what’s out. Things change.

The maid comes every day except on Sunday (unless you go opt-in for all-inclusive, in which case you get maid service on Sunday too).

I have owned this unit since the resort first opened in 2000. I love it and hate it when I cannot go. I have never once regretted purchasing this unit. I really think it’s the best villa on the island. It is located at the 13.5 kilometer mark in the Hotel Zone, with Kukulcan Mall immediately to the north and the Ritz Carlton to the south (on the other side of a few very nice private beachfront homes). Here is a video of this villa as it appeared in 2015. According to the latest annual report in 2017 there should be a new table that seats six on the main balcony and I have also been told that the furniture is supposed to be different. Every couple of years the bedspreads change.

If you think of the Hotel Zone in Cancun as an island shaped like the numeral seven, then this hotel is located at the center of the long side of the “7,” facing the Atlantic Ocean (the Carribbean), of course.

Then if you think of the Royal Sands Hotel & Spa as a resort shaped like the letter “W,” then the “I” building is the center building at the top of the “W” between the two pools. There are only two villas on the top floor of the “I” building: Villa I-5725 is the south villa overlooking the Phase 1 pool. It’s up there with the paragliders and the seagulls. Can you say “quiet” and “private?”

Here is a video that will knock socks off. As an owner, we have been privileged to go on the “Back of the House Tour.” The Royal Resorts was developed by four retired US Air Force officers and the entire place is run with military precision. Watch this video to see how the operation works “behind the scenes” at the Royal Sands.” The hotel was fifteen years old when I took this video. It is unbelievable how clean the basement of this hotel is.

This is a very family friendly resort. This video is a family’s home movie of their vacation. . They obviously were doing the all-inclusive thing. Watch this video to get a view of both pool areas. You will also notice the difference between an ocean-view villa on a lower floor and the beach-front villa on the top floor.

Here is another nice video tour of the Royal Sands.

When you rent my villa directly from me I will do an “owner loan” and will send you a confirmation letter that you will give to the front desk at the hotel upon checking in. You will be at the Royal Sands in my place and therefore you will be treated as an owner while you are there.

This means you will NOT have to go all-inclusive unless you opt-in to do so. I don’t recommend going all inclusive since it is so easy to go off site to eat any time you want. It is too much fun to say, “Where do you want to go for dinner?” You can still order room service or eat in any of the restaurants.

There is a grocery store in the hotel and so you can buy anything you need to eat in your villa and cook your own meals.

If you were to go directly to the hotel website and rent a beach-front villa for the week, you would have no choice but to go all-inclusive. Since the villa sleeps 6 people, this would cost $7,546.70. Here is a screen shot from the hotel’s rate page as of May 5, 2017:


Free Activities

Click here for detailed description of activities, including:
Zumba / Pilates
Water Volleyball
Beach Volleyball
Water Aerobics
Spanish Lessons
Sailboats on the Lagoon (across from the Royal Sands)
Bicycles (at the Royal Cancun)
Kayaking (at the Royal Haciendas and at the Royal Cancun)

Activities with Extra Charges

Painting of Ceramic Pottery by the Pool
Scuba lessons
Tours and water sports — see Thomas More
The Fitness Center (this is included if you go all-inclusive, but costs a small fee per day if you don’t go for the all-inclusive Refine Package.)
The Spa

The perfect spot for an unforgettable Cancun vacation with family or friends, The Royal Sands® sits at the center of Cancun’s finest beach offering breathtaking views of white sand and sparkling turquoise waters, with shopping and entertainment close by. Spacious, fully equipped suites, five-star amenities, exceptional service and hospitality set it apart from other Cancun resorts.

Enjoy fun-filled days on the beach or by the pool during your Cancun family vacation. Keep busy with daily activities, sports and classes or soothe body and soul at the Spa. A varied dining scene, sports bar with weekly karaoke nights, supervised kids club, free Wi-Fi and a fitness center are some of the many services it offers you and your family.

Have a stress-free start to your Cancun vacation. Book your transportation from Cancun Airport to The Royal Sands online with Thomas More Travel.

There is a grocery store in the hotel with reasonable prices. Go down early at 7:00 a.m. when they open and get the best choice of breakfast pastries.

Walmart in downtown Cancun — take the bus there when you first arrive. Buy your groceries for the week and then take a cab home. Don’t buy too much because you will end up eating in Cancun restaurants. Any unopend food you do not eat, leave in the villa for the maid to take home to her family at the end of the week.


As a guest of an owner, you do not have to go all-inclusive. However, you can opt in, if you like. This is a great idea if you drink a lot or want lots of room service. I like the freedom of eating what I want.

Your room card will work at any of these restaurants in this photo. You will pay the bill at the end of the week.


Here is a link to all the “theme nights” at the Royal Resorts restaurants. Plus, we always like to go to the J.W. Marriott on Sunday nights for their seafood buffet.

Dine on fresh seafood and Italian pasta dishes at La Veranda or enjoy a tasty poolside cookout with live Mexican music. Discover the vibrant flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine in a romantic candlelit setting at Hacienda Sisal. Sunday brunch at the Hacienda is a Cancun dining highlight, don’t miss it.

A world of tempting dining choices awaits you at Royal Resorts. Enjoy precious moments with family and friends during your Cancun or Riviera Maya vacation. Savor every bite, the flavors are delectable, the settings are spectacular and the service matchless.

There’s something for everyone and you can try a different restaurant every night. Indulge with your favorite International dishes, Italian classics and traditional Mexican recipes. Dine on fresh Caribbean lobster tail and seafood or the finest cuts of tender beef cooked to perfection. You’ll find something you like on all the restaurant menus, from prime steak and grilled shrimp to pizzas and pastas.

For an unforgettable evening of fine dining, visit Hacienda Sisal, Captain’s Cove and El Conquistador, three top Cancun restaurants, or try Los Murales at The Royal Haciendas® in the Riviera Maya.

A romantic beach dinner is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion. Fine food, candlelight, starlight and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Satisfy your cravings for a BBQ with one of the poolside cookouts during the week. There are also theme nights with sumptuous seafood, Italian, Asian and Mexican buffets on different evenings, some with live piano, jazz or Mexican music.

Restaurants at the Royal Sands

This is where you go in the hotel if you don’t want to order room service or cook in your villa.

La Veranda

Family friendly and casual, serving International favorites, seafood, steaks, fajitas and more. Dine inside or on the poolside terrace.

Dress code: Casual. No swimsuits or bare feet. Men must wear a t-shirt or shirt, no sleeveless vests or tank tops | 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Weekly events

Sunday: Fajita Night
Monday: Caribbean Buffet
Tuesday: Italian Seafood Buffet with live piano music
Wednesday: Asian Night
Thursday: Prime Rib Night
Friday: Poolside BBQ with live Mexican music

The Char Hut

This is the restaurant at the little pool in Phase 2.
Char Hut
Serving burgers and poolside snacks, poolside. Incredible views of the Caribbean. | 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Royal Resorts Fine Dining

These are the really high-end restaurants in the Royal Resorts galaxy of restaurants. Use your room card to charge to your bill at these Cancun restaurants. You will be billed at the end of the week when you check out. You must have your concierge make a reservation for you OR book online.

Captain’s Cove

You have to eat here at least once every time you come to Cancun.
Captain’s Cove
From 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Lagoonside, opposite the Cancun Maya Museum
Here is the full menu.

El Conquistador

El Conquistador — now at the Royal Islander
From 5 – 10 p.m., closed Saturday
At The Royal Islander®
Here is the full menu.

Hacienda Sisal

Hacienda Sisal — right out in front of the hotel on the other side of the spa
From 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.
At The Royal Sands®
Here is the full menu.

Los Murales

Los Murales is Deb’s favorite, but you will have to drive or take a cab.
From 5 – 10 p.m.
At The Royal Haciendas® just north of Playa del Carmen
Here is the full menu.

Trip Advisor Reviews

Here is a link to Trip Advisor’s webpage for the Royal Sands. In the Trip Advisor photo my villa is on the top floor facing the beach on the left side of the little building between the pools in the Trip Advisor photo below (Villa I5725). (We were the only ones up there until they built Phase 2 of the hotel and now there are two units up on the 7th floor of the “I” building.) Yes, it is beachfront penthouse with high ceilings. Since we own it, you don’t have to go all inclusive unless you want to buy the various packages (golf, spa, meals, etc.). We usually cook in the villa and do the restaurants in Cancun. This resort is at 13.5 kilometer mark just south of Kukulcan Mall and just north of the Ritz Carlton (at the center of the long side of the island, if you think of the island as an island shaped like the numeral seven.) We rented our villa for $1,700 for the week in 2000, but then we bought it. We will rent it for $2,000 for this week this year (Saturday to Saturday June 3rd to June 10th, 2017). You can go on YouTube and google The Royal Sands and look for my videos and you will see the views from my balcony of Punta Cancun to the north and Punta Nizuc to the south. The villa has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, three TVs, etc. It sleeps 6 adults. There are two murphy beds in the living room. Call me at 918-724-8201 if you know anyone who is interested. This is paradise!

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